frog of the month

september's frog of the month is...


his job: laundry
very mysterious, nobody knows where he came from
knows several magical spells
likes pumpkin spice lattes and digging holes in the sand

this month's art by joelFOTM hosted by PCE user joel and his bro rob

You Have Found A Mystical Frogloon (Frog Dabloon)!

Exchange It For:
Pond Front Property

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february's frog of the month was...


its job: frogshare service

art by rob

march's frog of the month was...


his job: puddle inspector
favorite color: purple
has read 13 books in his life
has the power to flip (but only once)

art by rob

april's frog of the month was...


his job: cross country runner
favorite color: red
favorite fruit: papaya
likes: the smell of rain, a good book, and a moist depression in the earth to sleep

art by joel

may's frog of the month was...


their job: tennis legend and racecar driver
favorite color: maroon
has 18 frogloons in their savings account
their dad can beat up your dad

art by rob

june's frog of the month was...


her job: agenda coordinator
mood: prideful
can bake a mean brownie
handstand for up to 13 seconds
knows where all the good pond spots are

art by rob

july's frog of the month was...


her job: working
has a collection
knows several people
also knows your wi-fi password

art by rob

august's frog of the month was...


they will not tell you who is who
they are inseparable
herman can throw a baseball like 4 feet
sherman can croak very loud
neither of them have ever lost at connect 4
they were born under a full moon

art by rob